Susie The Beach Dog

Hello folks!  We’re in the thick of dental month, so we’re slammed at work right now.  Blogging on the clock is near-impossible (it’s so busy right now, that even lunch is near-impossible). 

I’m off work this weekend though, so the family and I high-tailed it  to our place in Galveston.   High-tailed denotes a rapid egress though, and anybody with young kids knows that just doesn’t happen.  I think we had to return home for forgotten items three times, and back to school for a forgotten backpack and scooter twice.  We finally got on the road, and 6 hours, one pee/food stop/ two and a half Disney movies (including 101 Dalmations, the cartoon, which sounded cute and old), a little bit of screaming and tears later….we got to the beach house. 

The knots in my shoulders are better, stress level is down.  We’re here with my best friend and her 3 kids.  It’s pretty much one of the only times I get a break, since the kids form a little pack and dissappear for the duration of the weekend.  Leaving messes and sand wherever they go.  They only appear to eat for the most part.   Each night they get more tired and pass out earlier.  On the last day, they usually sleep all the way home, which is pretty nice (I can acutally get some reading done, I’m just starting the second book in the Twilight series, teen angst and vampire love, total brain candy)

Galveston is recovering really well.  They have laid down a ton of sand out along the sea wall, and the east side is looking shiny and new in a lot of places.  The west side is still a mess, but at least there are now some signs of recovery there too. 

Anyhow, I figured I’d write about this yellow lab that roams the neighborhood.   She belongs to the guy across the cul-de-sac, but nobody has a fenced yard, so she just runs free.  She’s woken us up at 5:00 AM, having treed a possum on our stairs (we didn’t like her very much that AM).   You can’t grill  without her coming by for a snack. 

You can tell that the neighbors feed her because she’s actually picky about what you give her.  How many Labs do you know that will turn down a bread roll (piece of steak, no problem though).  Although her culinary tastes range into foul and partially decomposed dead sea creatures and beach debris as evidenced by her breath on some occasions.   

Her name isn’t really Susie, I don’t know what it is.  She wears a collar and tag, but her name’s not on it.   The kids called her Susie, and if you’ve got acceptable food in your hand, she’ll come when you call her. 

So, the thing about this dog (and this is totally not work related, except that I suppose I should go into a big lecture on how you shouldn’t let your dog run around, but I’m on vacation, so there.)  Anyhow, the thing about this dog is that there are mornings when I see her, tongue flopping, in a full out run out on the beach.  I don’t know what she’s after, but she’s got her eyes on the prize and she’s got this look on her face that is pure, unadulterated joy. 

It’s just the embodiment of what a dog is.  They are fully in the “now”, enjoying the pure, sublime bliss of the moment with their whole being. 

They don’t dwell on the past, they don’t worry about the future, they just throw themselves into whatever makes them happy with reckless abandon. 

Perhaps we should learn a little from the dogs.


4 thoughts on “Susie The Beach Dog

  1. i am glad you are having a great Vacation. this
    is a great story about the the way i
    bathe your two dogs. if you want to pick
    them up today. take care see you tommow.
    Madeline Barton

  2. Dr. Carroll, website looks great. I enjoy your
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  3. Glad to hear that Galveston is recovering so well! Damn hurricanes.

    I recently found your blog and really enjoy it. I met one of your colleagues, Dr. Rogers, several years ago when she was working at the clinic in Coppell I go to. She’s great, and you sound like a wonderful vet yourself! 🙂

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