The Great Poop Explosion of 2009

scullyexplosion   I’m going to try and keep this one short bc work has been crazy and stressful today and my little one is trying to get over strep and I’m tired and need to goto bed soon. 

This is my closet after my dog Scully broke into the pantry and ate a whole box of “Fiber One” bars.  I am a vet.  I knew she was going to get explosive diarrhea, but conveniently forgot about it at bedtime.  So we all slog to bed (me, the husband and the dogs).  Katelin, my sweet min-pin snuggled under the sheets with me, and Scully at the foot of the bed. 

We used to crate the dogs at night, but they’ve been pretty good lately with their potty training, and I like the warm min-pin snuggling with me, so we’d been letting it slide.  Needless to say, they’ve lost their privileges. 

Scully, unfortunately, figures that if I’m not up to let her out every few hours on my own accord, she will just take matters into her own hands and use whatever is handy for a toilet.   Scully, has zero desire to please (unlike my friends lab Remie, who just gazes longingly at you imploring you to please, please give her something to do, and never, ever get mad at her). 

Note: this is the only spot of carpet in the whole downstairs. 

So, buckets and buckets of Oxy Clean later, we got most of the poop out, we’re renting a carpet cleaner this weekend (we toyed with the idea of replacing the carpet, but decided against it).  I will continue to wear shoes in there (probably from now on until we get new carpet) as the thought of all that E. Coli just oogs me out. 

Scully is fine, she really has a cast iron stomach.  Her poop was back to normal the next day.  We put a spring on the pantry door to make it close (2 kids and 2 grownups just can’t remember to close the door every time). 

I should lecture you about the perils of pantry diving, or the innate gluttony of some dogs, but I’m just too tired.  I’ll try again tomorrow. 

Have a nice night ! 🙂


3 thoughts on “The Great Poop Explosion of 2009

  1. This is an all too familiar site at our house, what with the dogs, cats, and ferrets … someone’s always getting lazy. When we moved recently, we were just so overjoyed to find a house that wasn’t wall-to-wall white carpet! We’re saving our money for Pergo. I applaud your honesty. We always try to play it off like it never happens. lol

    Kathy (Carmen’s and Moses’s mom)

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