Welcome To The Crack Pipe

First, and foremost, I’d like to mention that I have now made it through a whole entire school holiday without anybody in my immediate family vomiting or making any of my friends or relatives vomit.  This has not happened since the kids were born.  Perry threw up once, just a little, but it was because I accidentally gave him a caramel Hershey’s kiss that apparently was a little old and yucky.  Yay family!  (It’s the little things…)

This is a non-work related post because this is my last work-free night and then it’s back to the grindstone tomorrow.  Coming back to work after a week off is always a little suspenseful, because you never know what went on while you were gone.  Staff members quit/get fired, patients get sick, sometimes they die, sometimes there’s an angry client to placate, you just never know. 

Anyhow, my friend Deb made me sign up on one of those internet social networking sites the other day.  That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it.  She wouldn’t let me get up until I did it.  Some of my classmates from Vet school have tried to get me to join, but I resisted on account of I’ve got enough electronic entertainment with this blog and my slight email obsession.  But Deb cajoled and prodded, and with trepedation, I signed up.  (OK, she didn’t really have to try all that hard)

My friend Dina said that her friend said “Welcome to the crack pipe” when she signed up because, it can become an obsession.  Thus I continued to resist.

It was so easy, all they want is your email and a password, then….You start looking around, and finding friends.  Every time I log on (which is like 20 times a day) there is another “blast from the past”.   New old faces asking to be my “friend”.  People from High School who I haven’t heard from in 16+ years, are appearing…like magic.  College friends that I’ve lost touch with. 

The thing is, this whole experience has me somewhat ill at ease.  I’m trying to put my finger on it.  So far what I’ve come up with is this:   I am not the person I was all those years ago.   I was miserable in high school, a heady combination of teen angst, pent up rebellion, and abject immaturity.  These people knew me then. 

That little high school bruised version of myself is buried deep within.  I think.  I hope.   I hope the knocks and experiences I’ve had since then have made me a better, wiser person.  But hindsight being 20:20 and all, how would I know (I thought I knew all the answers then). 

There were people I made fun of in high school.  Eileen H. And Wyatt M.  , I hereby officially apologize to them (for what it’s worth).  I made their lives miserable too.  There were other kids doing the same thing to me, so I just took it in and dished it out to these poor kids. 

Ya know, I’ve carried this “burden” of an unhappy teen-hood for all these years.  I’ve let it define me, and well, maybe that’s just stupid.  Ugh, I’m geting bogged down in negativity…There’s so much water under the bridge.

Anyhow, It’s interesting, addictive and quite the time-waster. 

Think I’ll go check and see if I have any new friends…


One thought on “Welcome To The Crack Pipe

  1. Great commentary – I have to say that I think all of us felt the same way in high school and the great thing about growing up is that you learn that people change (just as we have) and that wisdom and maturity come with age and as such – you hopefully see people for who they are and respect them regardless. Not that it matters but I was glad to be friends with you and glad to be connected again!

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