In Defense of Speed Racer

We went up to my father in law’s lakehouse on lake Cypress Springs last weekend for a quick burst of “family time”.  It seems that if we sit around the house on weekends, my husband just hides in his office and pecks away at his computer or watches nerd shows (anything on Sci Fi Network) or bad reality shows on TV, the kids vascillate between jumping on the couch and seeing who can get hurt first and mindlessly watching the same Pokemon DVD for hours on end, while I try to tackle the endless list of mundane chores that are constantly knocking around in my head (while simultaneously simmering a bubbling pot of resentment at my husband for NOT having an endless to-do list). 

Thus, I have (this has been diagnosed by my husband) an “obsession” with going out of town on weekends I don’t work.  I find that taking myself and the family out of the home environment makes us all much more sane and happy.   Taking the day to day drudgery out of the equation lets us actually pay attention to what the kids are saying, and sit and hang out/play with them guilt free (on my part). 

So anyhow, the lakehouse doesn’t get cable TV, and we just recently got a DVD player.  So we ate dinner, made popcorn and hot cocoa and settled down to watch our newly rented copy of Speed Racer.  Which, I think was surprisingly good family entertainment.  My husband says it’s the magic of low expectations.  Maybe so, but my expectations were low with Indianna Jones the 4th and the movie sucked (I mean give me a break; Shia LeBouf swinging through the jungle with a pack of monkeys….melting candle faces are one thing, but the monkey scene just killed it for me).  Speed Racer the cartoon was campy and dumb, and the movie was too, but…get this…it was entertaining (and I never even had to cover my kids eyes)!  Visually it was really cool, the plot was thin, but who are we kidding, it’s not like the cartoon was high art!  Nobody fell asleep and I even stuck with the action scenes (because they were pretty).  I loved the first Matrix, the other two were bad and worse, but I think the Wachowski brothers are pretty innovative in a business that seems to be getting blander by the year. 

On to work stuff:

Today is an ice day, so it’s a little slow.   So far just an anal gland abscess.  A nice juicy one.  How would you like to be in a job where you get to use the word anal in a sentence?  (and have to keep a straight face) OK, so it’s not really a gland, it’s more of a sac, but it’s probably the most icky, gross disgusting part of the job.  These little sacs are basically residual skunk glands that harbor the single foulest smelling substance known to man.  We’re talking Silence of the Lambs put Vicks Vapo Rub under your nose bad (ok, maybe not that bad, but I’ve never smelled a rotting corpse that’s been dragged out of the river).  Dogs and cats like to shoot the stuff out of these glands when they get upset.  That happens a lot in vet clinics, the best is when you get “anal glanded” and you don’t know it.  You just walk around all day catching whiffs of it, but don’t know where it is.  All those little starry eyed girls I see who dream of being a vet need to have a strong stomach because, the job definitely has a significant disgust component.  Somebody once told me that to be a vet you have to be one of those people who pick scabs.  Scab pickers who have a good, dark sense of humor and appreciation for the macabre.  The easily queasy need not apply.


One thought on “In Defense of Speed Racer

  1. I agree… only scab pickers should be the vets, docs, nurses, or anyone who want’s to work in the field of “medicine.”

    I’d also like to nominate the zit poppers and abscess drainers.

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