Open Letter to the Robbers

Dear Robbers,

I’m not sure where you get your information, but we don’t hide our drugs in the urns of our cremated patients.  It’s considered in poor taste.   Clients, It’s ok, two boxes were opened, but the remains themselves were untouched, and ok. 

Throwing the brick through the window was a classy touch, at least it was on the side of the building where nobody could see.  I suppose thanks are in order for the orderly fashion with which you conducted your systematic search of our clinic for drugs.   You opened all the drawers and cabinets and rifled through the front desk without making a big mess (except for the glass and resultant fingerprint dust all over the front). 


Dr. Carroll

Dear Client who threw a credit card at my receptionist this morning:

I’ve made it a point to teach my boys not to throw things at people, but maybe somewhere in the grand scheme of things some adults have forgotten that.  Maybe the fear on the face of said receptionist who was busy handling police, and glass, and the unfamiliar feeling of violation that occurs secondary to being a victim (albeit indirectly) of a crime, stimulated the violent behavior in this client.  Maybe the client was just distracted:  after all, she pushed past the police and the crowd of employees milling about the front of the clinic at 8AM this morning (they didn’t know if the robbers were still in the building) and demanded her precious pet be seen.  It might behoove her to look outside of her little bubble and appreciate that there is a world of good people around her with real live feelings who would prefer to be treated with a little respect.  Is that too much to ask?


Dr. Carroll

So, I haven’t had the pleasure of being a victim of a break in in a good 9 years or so, last time It was a clinic I worked for in Dallas.  Guess it’s the time of year.  They like to try and steal drugs, money, etc.  I don’t feel as “oogey” as I did last time, but the staff is pretty shaken.  Overall all we lost was a window, so it’s all ok.  We do have a security system, and it worked, but the robbers were faster than the police.   Oh, and get this, we got a “break in victims handbook”.   That’s nuts!  Do they have a handbook for every crime?  A “crime of passion victim handbook” or a “So you just got carjacked” handbook?  It’s so surreal they can just trivialize a crime into a pamphlet!

That’s it for today.


PS…I need to establish here early on, that the views expressed in this blog are those of me and me only, not the Plano Veterinary Group.  My fiery hispanic blood (Cuban if you’re curious) results in me often speaking without thinking and so I’m likely to stick my foot in my mouth  alot.  So I apologize in advance for anyone I may offend. I was warned about this by another veterinarian who predicted that I will be getting myself into trouble at some point with this blog…

PSS…feel free to comment about anyting in this blog you want to comment about, I’m hoping some day to build it into a sort of forum where we can dialog and chat…


One thought on “Open Letter to the Robbers

  1. Oh NO Dr. C–I am so sorry you guys got robbed!!!!! And you know my opinion on people who think their dogs are more important than humans anyways, but good God have some sensitivity! Glad you’re ok and hope the police catch ’em. 😦

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