Waiting for your call…

So I’ve placed calls to two MD’s over the last 48 hours.  Granted, they’re not about me, they’re about a staff member who is having some medical issues.  However, I think I’ve got good enough relationships with my MD’s (some have even become my clients) that they would return a call, but apparently that is unreasonable.  I say I spend a good 25% of my time over the course of a day (at least that’s what it feels like) talking on the phone to my clients.  When they call with a question, for me, they actually get to talk to ME, not a nurse, not a recording, me, the doctor.  Why is that such an essential part of being a veterinarian and completely not a part of being a human doctor?  Even my labwork results are reported by a nurse…how can that be? (nothing against nurses, I love nurses, but I want my docs take on the results)  She doesn’t know quite how to interperet it or make a recommendation.  Are MD’s really that busy?  I guess so, but I can’t tell you how often I get yelled at for not returning calls fast enough to my clients.  Yet apparently it’s ok for my human doctor to ignore my messages indefinitely.   Hey human doctors: I  think you are wonderful, you are smart and compassionate (at least my docs are), but client communication extends beyond that brief and hurried exam in that little exam room, we as patients/clients only absorb 10% of what you tell us and we might need to call for clarification or for reassurance.  We might actually want to discuss our lab results with you, not just look them up on the internet.   In reality, I suspect this isn’t the doctors fault, I’m sure they entered their field with the goal of helping people and they got swept up in the mad rush of insurance, lawsuits, paperwork, etc. and the fine art of the phone call got lost in the flow.   

 Good thing I found the answers to my questions on the internet.


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