Be Kinder than Necessary

For everyone you meet is fighting some sort of battle.  Thought of the day. 

So I saw a Basset Hound the other day with green lips!  Like really green, lime green, or chartreuse to be exact.  OK, so not like Joker lips, but the sides of his lips, the white fur was green.  It’s not uncommon for dogs to get “lip fold pyoderma” where they get a little bacterial infection in their lip folds (lower lip).  Actually, any fold of skin on a dog has the potential to get infected, especially the nose and tail folds of English Bulldogs, and other smushed faced breeds.  These nice warm, dark folds trap moisture and the bacteria just goes wild and has a party.  Generally they respond really well to careful cleaning and maybe some antibiotics.  Normally, skin fold pyoderma is more of a yellowish color, but I figured this was just a variant of normal and proceeded with my usual treatment protocol.  10 days later, the dog came back and his lips were even greener than before!  A phone call to our trusty local Veterinary Dermatologist (yes, there are dermatologists for dogs, and neurologists, and opthalmologists all kinds of “ists”., and yes people actually pay money to see them 🙂 can you tell I get those questions a lot?)  Dr. Crow, and it turns out that a particular species of bacteria called Pseudomonas causes that lovely green color.   So far it’s responded nicely to the new treatment protocol specifically for that bacteria, but there’s a chance we’ve got to surgically remove the skin fold because that bacteria can be nasty and linger despite treatment.  We’ll see how it goes. 

Just a quick mention about Patrick, a greyhound belonging to one of our wonderful Techs.  He had a tumor on his nose that we biopsied and came back as a mast cell tumor.  These can be really nasty because they send out lots of “fingers” and are very difficult to fully excise surgically.  This one, being on the dogs nose is really difficult to excise without doing a nosectomy and having a really strange looking greyhound with breathing problems.  So, he went to our local vet oncologist (yes, we have these too) and got staged, and unfortunately, the tumor had already spread to his lymph nodes.  Thus his family elected to wait and see how it went, and euthanize him when he got uncomfortable.  However, this valiant dog retained his vim and vigor but developed this huge growth on his nose, making him look very much like an elephant man-dog.  It was ugly, and since he was otherwise fine, but starting to have nosebleeds, his owners decided to give chemo a try.  Dr. Sharp started doing it here a couple of months ago and I’m extatic to report that the elephant nose is gone and Patrick looks normal again, he’s responded beautifully to the chemo.   I’m not sure how long he’ll be ok, but for now he’d going great. 

It’s dark now at 5:45…at least it’s easier to get the kids inside and fed and in bed these days (and easier to wake ’em up in the morning!)  Take care…talk to ya soon.


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