Day Two as a Blogger

I’m home now, the kids are in bed.  Usually I sprint for the covers for some much needed shuteye, but I actually got 9 hours of sleep (in exchange for getting 5 hours the night before) last night so I’m going to celebrate by watching “My Name is Earl” and writing in this blog.

OMYGOD!  I typed this huge entry last night of over 500 words and the whole thing got deleted thanks to my awesomely crappy computer.  That’s just great. 

So here it is in a nutshell (because today I have the day off, parent/teacher conference at 9:30, errands til 11ish, then pawn Perry off on Daycare so I can get my hair colored so I can look like I’ve only aged minimally for my Vet School Class reunion tomorrow, then 4:15 eyebrow wax for the same purpose, then hopefully my father in law is taking the kids this afternoon because I’ve got tickets to see the King Tut exhibit with my hubby tonight at 6:30, in between, I’ve got to take the dogs to work, pack the kids and myself, etc…ya know, the usual mom stuff)

So (And I can’t believe I’ve got to type this all over again…!) The westie from my first post got worse after I sedated her to evaluate her mouth, etc for the source of her pain.  She became even more painful and got disoriented and had trouble walking.  Now, instead of a simple jaw problem (which really isn’t that simple) it’s turned in to more of a neurologic problem. So I loaded her up with pain medicine, and referred her to the Animal Neurology Clinic, because at this point she needed advanced diagnostics (CT or MRI and a Spinal Tap). 

Keep your fingers crossed…


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