So, Branch the cat, just took the liberty of walking across my keyboard. I decided to go ahead and let the result of that stroll be the title of this blog entry because, why not? After two months at Mazie’s I think the top 5 things I see so far are: Heartworm positive dogs* Crazy … More hnnnnnnnnnnj

Sick as a Dog

So I had to call in sick from work this week. Last time I called in sick was about twelve and a half years ago when my water broke, forcing me give birth to my youngest son a week or two early. I was supposed to work that Saturday, Dr. Rogers had even picked me … More Sick as a Dog

How Not to Teach Your Cat to Stay Off the Counters.

  Contrary to popular belief,  veterinarians are not animal trainers. I know we’re expected to be masters of all things animal, but like all professions, we have our strengths and weaknesses. I can diagnose and treat the myriad diseases and maladies that my patients suffer from with the best of them. Just don’t ask me … More How Not to Teach Your Cat to Stay Off the Counters.

Mark My Words…

…I will never raise kittens again. They are very sweet, but holy moley: I thought I was busy before– juggling a job, two kids, and a dizzying myriad of other obligations. Apparently I used to have lots of free time, and these kittens have sucked it all away. The coolest thing about all this is that I’m now too … More Mark My Words…